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Hi thereI'm Mojtaba

In order to be the best,We must first createour best selves.
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Design. Creativity. Graphics. Design. Creativity. Graphics. Design. Creativity. Graphics. Design. Creativity. Graphics.

About me

Mojtaba Mortaji

Welcome to my website, i am Mojtaba Mortaji, and i am pleased that you have visiting my site. I am very interested in the world of art and design, and following my interest, I obtained a bachelor’s degree in industrial design at Bu-Ali Sina Hamadan University.


Ideation / 3D design
Innovative / Motion design
Product design / Graphic design


Sport / Technology
Nature tour / Video games
Riding bike / Book Reading

About site

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You might have noticed the logo at the top left corner of the page. This is “Panigo”, which used to be the name of my site, and it was changed to the current address. You can click and read about “Panigo” and how it was formed here.


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Golden Ratio
The golden ratio a renowned proportion in mathematics and design, traces its origins to the ancient Greeks. What is the golden ratio? Often referred to as the golden number, golden proportion, or divine proportion, is […]