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The Panigo

About The Project

Here you will read about the design and how Panigo was formed.


Jan 2021


Design, Personal brand, Logo

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On this page, I intend to briefly discuss the identity and design of Panigo. Where did this name come from and how was its logo designed?

A happy baby penguin standing on the snow and looking at the camera.

Panigo logo etudes
Panigo logo etudes

Logo design

Inspired by the name of a penguin, it’s now time to design the logo.

After sketching numerous designs, I decided that the logo should be a fusion of this charming bird and the letter “P” to ensure a harmonious link between the name and the logo.

The final design, which you might have noticed earlier, is positioned on the left side of the website’s header section. It is visible to you now.

Panigo golden ratio logo motion demo

Golden ratio

After finalizing the design, it’s crucial to implement the plan correctly.

The golden ratio, a proportion commonly found in nature, was employed in the Panigo logo’s design. (A brief article on the “golden ratio” has been published on the website.)

Employing the golden ratio in the logo’s execution ensures it is rendered in its finest form, creating a visual harmony that is pleasing to the human eye and enhances its beauty.

Logo Type

Also, a logotype was also designed to write Panigo’s name.

Panigo motion logotype
Panigo logotype
Presentation and use
The large Panigo logo board is installed next to the entrance door.
Panigo logo board
A large coffee mug with the Panigo logo on it.
Panigo logo mug
A young man holding Panigo's logo pixel in front of him.
Panigo logo pixels

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