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About The Project

Thumbnail design project for Dr. Rezai YouTube channels (MediMindDrRezai & Attraction, Meditation)


Des 2023


Graphic Design

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Dr. Rezai YouTube

Here you will see some of the thumbnail designs for Dr. Rezai YouTube channels, these thumbnails were designed and executed with elegance.

Photo Manipulation


Photo manipulation artistry involves the intricate layering of multiple elements to achieve a final image that appears both natural and aesthetically pleasing.

Dr. Rezai "Book Reading" video thumbnail layers in Photoshop


Three primary colors were utilized in this thumbnail: green, orange, and white. The use of fewer colors contributes to a more minimalistic design appearance.

Three squares in yellow, white and green colors


Layers section is one of the most important sections in Photoshop, without this section, Photoshop will not be very effective.

Dr. Rezai "Their words" video thumbnail layers in Photoshop

The Ai Design

In the following, you will see thumbnails that are a combination of artificial intelligence and real photos assembled in Photoshop, these thumbnails are for Dr. Rezai second YouTube channel

Photo of Dr. Rezai holding a bouquet of flowers

” I am delighted to share my experience of this cooperation with you: First and foremost, the works is delivered on time and demonstrates professionalism and commitment to deadlines… The quality of work is exceptional. Each thumbnail is meticulously crafted with attention to detail, capturing the essence of my videos… Creative flair and technical skill shine through in every design… And in summary, I highly recommend Mr. Mojtaba Mortaji for anyone seeking a skilled and reliable graphic artist. “

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